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trusts, estates, probate and real estate lawtrusts, estates, probate and real estate lawtrusts, estates, probate and real estate law

Heather RobertsonHeather Robertson Law specializes in personalized estate planning at an affordable price.  Your family is your most important asset, so it’s imperative that you have an estate plan that protects your loved ones if something happens to you.  Don’t risk the fate of your children or your life’s savings on a mail-order estate plan that might not work, or that you’ll never get around to completing. 

Estate planning involves complex tax laws that change year after year, and vary state-by-state.  Heather Robertson Law is always current on the latest developments in the law, so you can trust that your plan will be done correctly, and it will work (yes, many estate plans don’t work!).

No two families are alike, and no estate plan should be alike either.  Heather gets to know you and your family, and she prepares a comprehensive estate plan that addresses your unique needs and circumstances.  Heather’s personal and professional service provides a trusted result so that you can sleep easier knowing your family is protected.