Tom & Lynn, San Francisco, CA

Nobody wants to work on their will. I’m going to die. Terrific. That said, if you are faced with this somewhat depressing task, we would whole-heartedly suggest you work with Heather Robertson, a particularly helpful, talented attorney we just worked with on our trust and will.

Heather came to us highly recommended by our financial advisor, and the accolades were right on the mark. She was clear and responsive; her advice thoughtful; her rates incredibly fair, particularly when I look back on the considerable number of hours she worked on our behalf.

Heather has offices in both Marin and San Francisco but didn’t hesitate to visit us at my office in San Francisco, which was particularly convenient.

Over and above the excellent work she provided on our will and trust, when we were subsequently faced with a real estate issue, Heather didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and answer some questions–and then helped negotiate the issue through with the other party.

For estate transactions, you could do no better.”

Shannon S., mother 1, San Francisco, CA

As a mother, Heather understands the importance of protecting your children in the event that something happens to you. She made is feel very comfortable with our estate plan, and I honestly feel like I have one less thing to worry about every time I leave my son with a babysitter. Thanks for the peace of mind.

Jim & Linda W., parents of 5, San Rafael, CA

Heather is very knowledgeable, and she did a very thorough estate plan for me and my husband. We both have kids from a prior marriage, and we own property in different states, but Heather had no problem handling these issues, and her fee was very reasonable.

Tina T., mother of 2, Mill Valley, CA

We kept procrastinating on our estate plan until we were a month away from leaving on a vacation to Mexico – without our kids, and we still hadn’t named a guardian for them! Heather completed our estate plan in just two weeks, and we enjoyed our vacation much more knowing that our two children would be taken care of if anything happened to us. Thanks Heather!!